Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Third Day of Christmas


Chickens ... I love our chickens that tend to our apple orchard and provide eggs for us. We have been giving chickens away with the intent to replace them and keep our flock young .  About a year ago there was a bird flue that swept in .  Our flock is very healthy and strong but we can not bring chickens in from the bazaar and risk wiping out our flock.  Our friends over at Teen Challenge have started raising their own chickens and will be able to sell us chickens that are just one month away from laying eggs.  I have ordered 60 to start, but have a goal to have 100, they will arrive on the farm the first week of December.   We have started preparing the Chicken coop for their arrival .  Our old chickens will be divided into   3 flocks and given to some families in need .  

I think that Sergey and the boys have more faith then me .. They are preparing for 150 free range chickens.
Again we look for ways that we can get the most blessings out of a single donation.  The purchase of one chicken @ $7  HELPS Teen Challenge,   It HELPS the farm, and  it HELPS families that will receive  chickens for the winter.. 

Would you consider being the catalyst to start the blessings.  Like I say .. you will be blessed yourself knowing that you helped. 

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