Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Christmas is coming

 Nov 14 to Nov 29th -  Mark that date.  This will be the when we will be concentrating on raising the funds for Christmas celebrations .  

I have to be honest, it has been financially such a difficult year for so many, that I thought that maybe this year we would scall back if not try to avoid the celebrations all together.  Then Yesterday I met with our friend Artrum .  In past years we have helped in a small way with his celebrations in orphanages , rehab centres and poor families .. He had a main sponsor and we would top up the need .   Artrum was quite worried yesterday.  He just got word that his sponsor does not have the funds this year and has had to reduce the giving by more then 80%. and he was asking if we could bump things up a bit this year to be able to cover the short fall.   

When he shared how important this was for him to connect with the community ..  I then started thinking more about our staff in Bishkek bringing gifts to the blind and deaf societies and the homeless shelters . 

Then thought of people like Tanya . She has two homes for the disabled , families living at the dump, and many other families that they help.  Then we have all the orphanages that we normally bring gifts to like Red River orphanage , Chui Orphanage, Tokmok baby orphanage, and Orlofka orphanage . Then we have The farm kids and all the families we bring support to around the farm .. It is just so over whelming .. So we have decided that we will not only have to push forward, but in an even bigger way with the added needs. 

We will start working on the Christmas wish book and will have it ready to put out there on November 14 (my birthday ) and will focus on that until November 29 (Giving Tuesday )  so please pray and be ready to help us bring this years celebrations over the top. 

I got a letter today from Tanya. She was happy to share with us one of her Babushkas is making Kimchi from all the produce that she grew herself. Thank you to all who donated for the seeds. 

There were a few more happy Babushkas that received their coal this week . What a blessing to be able to bring such joy to them 

Ruslan and I spent a few hours bottling honey today . A lot more to go but we got a good start on it .

Julie and I were in town today and ran into a friend of Jengishes, some one that received help from him.   He recognised us right away and even knew us by name .  Maybe its the shirt 😀 

We have some guests up in the mountain right now.  The came to hike in the mountains and to look and explore for new bugs .. Look at this cool bug that they found . The kind of thing you have night mares about . 

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