Tuesday, November 15, 2022

On the second day of Christmas

 This is putting resources into the hands of our team so that they are able to reach out to those in need around them . 

This Christmas we will put a little twist on the hampers.  A traditional meal here is ploff.  In the hamper we will have all the ingredients for them to prepare a full ploff celebration meal . Each hamper will include a plump ( and plucked ) meat chicken that we will purchase from the Teen challenge centre.  This will bless so many.  It blesses our team, it blesses the rehab centre and it blesses the people that receive this  food delivery.  And for $20 I am sure you will be blessed knowing that you have given such a wonderful gift.  Please go now and donate using one donation button on the top right side of the blog. 

There they are .. fresh frozen chickens at the rehab centre, ready for us to deliver 

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