Monday, November 21, 2022

On the 8TH day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas we would like to support some small business start ups.  We have some young moms and Babushkas that are doing what they can to make a little extra to survive.  We would like to purchase some of their items and then distribute them to  people we know would appreciate them as well as put them in our gift shop on the farm .  but the main goal is to support their efforts.

Hats and Slippers are by two different babushkas , both very high quality , and are just $10

Another babushka we know makes Christmas ornaments , and is even making some with the farm logo on them .. the felt works are $2.50  each 

A young mom we know is making hair pieces . they are also
 $2.50/ set 

 Sasha is one of our boys from the farm and is now married and lives with his family in Tokmok.  He and his brother in law have started a car painting business.  They have lots of work, but not making a lot of money . the problem seems to be that the equipment they are renting is expensive and with the rent they are paying they can not make enough to purchase it outright so they are kind of stuck .  We would like to purchase the equipment that they need  and rent it to them for $1 a month . The cost of the equipment is $600


For a few years now we have been working with a young intraplanar who has opened up a business school in one of the more remote cities in Kyrgyzstan.  Right now they have a fundraiser for some equipment as well as scholarships . they are looking for  just $10 a person .   here is a short video explaining the project . 

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