Wednesday, November 23, 2022

On the 10th Day of Christmas

Making good memories is something that I think is so important.  When your life is flooded with good memories and happy times like many of us experience, the memories just tend to slip away. What I mean by that is that is that maybe we do not appreciate things as much.  When you grow up with little to no good memories, every good memory is something that you hold on to. You cling to it to give you strength.  
looking through old photos of good times from many years ago

 A couple weeks ago we had a young man come for a visit.  We spent time with him about 15 years ago in one of the orphanages .  I hardly recognised him today , but he sure remembered us .   He came to see us to say thankyou.  

looking through old photos of good times from many years ago

He told us how his time in the orphanage growing up was such an awful time for him, then said that the only good memories that he has from his child hood was the times spent with us.  He said that even today this gives him strength to remember those good times. 
We need to remember that these children today will grow up to be adults and maybe one day leaders in their society.  As they make decisions, I want them to have happy experiences to draw from . 

For about $25 for a child we can help them to experience a HAPPY day, one that 15 years from now they will still remember and draw on as a source of strength in difficult times. 

When we were putting together some Christmas wish items , one of the kids we have known from the dump had this wish.  

We live with our grandmother. Mom abandoned us when we were very young and now my grandmother is our mother.... Mom got married and very rarely remembers us... We live on our grandmother's pension. Grandmother cannot allow us to buy things and we only dream about good food. Therefore, we go with our brother and sister to the dump to find things, food, clothes and everything necessary for us . Dump is our favorite place and we gave the name of dump is Dordoi is a large bazaar in Bishkek.. We have a common family dream we really want to go to the circus, and then go to the cafe Gavai to eat and there is a zoo to see monkeys and camels and different animals. We believe that dream realize in Marry Christmas

Please consider helping us to give kids like this a memory that they would otherwise only dream of .  One thar will last a life time. 

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