Thursday, November 24, 2022

On the 11th day of Christmas

Medical care .   This is also a very important need that we have. Even since I put out the wish book on the 14th of November, we have two dental visits, one osteopath and one Drs visit, including tests and analysis. Our workers have been kept busy organizing and helping people navigate the medical system here.  It might be a busier time because we are here and pushing to get the 
needs met. Our workers are reluctant to spend money that they know we don't have.  Health issues NEVER seem to get better on their own, they just get worse (and more expensive ) if you wait .  For this wish  we are looking for donations of any amount to restart our medical fund which got wiped out some time ago due to world events .. 
Just this week we have welcomed a boy to the farm .  We really should be getting him to a dentist , and am pretty sure  if you zoom in you will see that we should be getting his eyes checked as well .. But for that we need your help. 

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