Thursday, November 17, 2022

On the 4th day of Christmas

For a long time now we have been providing Vitamins to those in need.  It is not just the poor that have vitamin deficiencies here.  Just about every food item you pick up in the west is fortified with vitamins. That's because they are so important to our diet.  Here in Kyrgyzstan, the foods are more natural and un processed.  Everything is made from the scratch ingredients so as a result many face deficiencies that cause things like failure  to thrive,   Ricketts and low immune systems.   
Vitamins here are not just a supplement to a diet, but can be a life saving medication .   After giving Vitamins to one of the orphanages we asked if the director noticed a difference.  She said that right away the kids stopped licking the white wash pain off the sides of the buildings !  

The hospital contacted us about a set of twins that was failure to thrive, and asked us if we had any vitamins that could help them .  So we were able to hep out with what we had.   With in a month these two boys were right back on track.

TB is another prevalent disease  here.  One of the leading factors to the spread is people with weekend immune systems, so much so that  the cure here is to send them to a sanitorium where they get plenty of rest, good food and VITAMINS. 

We have a great source here where we can get the exact vitamins we need when we need them. It is a friend that imports quality Vitamins , and he provides them to us for a great price.   The only catch is the money.  Its so much more fun to pick up a bottle of vitamins and donate them rather then sending the funds, but then we are faced with $220 a bag for shipping and huge fights at customs. For just an average of $15 we can get exactly what people need, when they need it.  

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