Friday, November 18, 2022

On the fifth day of Christmas

We are heading into the grips of winter here now.   We have delivered about 100 tons of coal so far, but the needs just seem to go on and on . We continue to receive calls for people needing coal . Just yesterday we delivered to two  homes and on Monday we will be delivering to two more. Many of these families are living on the edge .  Now that the fields are under a blanket of snow, the availability of work has decreased and  
those that survive pay to pay will be running out of food.   We have found in years gone buy that this need will continue through out the winter as people realize that they do not have enough or when officials and agencies come to us after finding a family on the brink. 

Fortunately through your giving we can stay ahead of this and have food and coal ready to give  .  Just $100 and we can provide one tone of coal ( enough to heat a small home ) and a couple weeks worth of groceries . 

Here is a short video with thanks from a couple of those who received this great blessing this year.  

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