Friday, November 25, 2016

Pies are flying

Last night officially ended the pie challenge ( however I am fairly sure that anyone on the list would still be willing to take a pie if any more funds came in.)  This year we raised just over $3000 .. enough for Christmas for about $300 kids ..  We will likely down scale the Christmas a bit so that we can reach more kids.. Like Emma says . the kids love Movies and Popcorn. something that we can do cheep.  then we will also try to give each institution a large portion of beef as well.. so we should be able to stretch that to about 600 kids  

One of the challengers was very close so some of us who had no met our totals , or had gone over have put a little over Calebs way .. He was so excited to know that he will be getting the pie again this year.  

also receiving a pie will be Josiah .. He was late getting in from Kyrgyzstan last night , but I am sure he will be excited to see his numbers went over the top as well .. 

There were a couple of pies that went flying yesterday though .. Isaac and Daniel Both received there pies , and took them with great sportsmanship.. thanks guys 

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