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Christmas gift ideas

Back by popular demand  the actofkindness

 "Christmas wish list catalogue " 

 Past Christmases we have focused on purchasing Animals for the farm.  This year we have a twist.  The farm is doing great, and this year we would like to purchase animals from the farm and donate them to support families in need .  This supports both the farm and families we are working with 

Available Animals

Chicken   $8     Duck  $10     Goose  $15
Rabbit  $20          Turkey $25       Goat $100
Lamb $150     Calf $250     Pig $250 
Dairy cow  $900       Beef cow $800    
Food Hampers 

We are able to provide great value food drops to families and institutions. Each drop consists of fresh meat,  canned goods from the farm, and produce we canned through the summer.  the average family food drop is about $25 and an institution / orphanage is $250 , however any amount of your donation would be a blessing. 



This summer we have been working hard to build green houses so that we can provide fresh produce year round.

 the first of two green houses is complete and the second one is just $2500 away from being ready. 

Fish farm 

In conjunction with the green house, this spring we will be adding an aqua-phonics fish farm .  this will provide carbon dioxide and high nutrient water for the green house, and at the same time provide a valuable and healthy food source.   this portion of the operation is expected to cost about $2500. 


Every one the works on the farm receives a base salary of $50 a month as well as all living expenses approx $50 a month , as well we support with clothing , education,  medical and dental expenses.  We also have 7 of our kids in collage or university who have additional monthly expenses like rent and transportation.  Would you consider either a monthly or a one time donation toward this need.   

Life can't be all work, sometimes is nice just to have
 a little fun
here are some suggestions for fun outings you can sponsor for kids from the orphanages that we work with .. prices are based / 10 kids including meals and transportation
here are some ideas  
fishing trip to stocked pond where everyone is guaranteed to catch a fish   $125
Swimming at the hot springs and a picnic   $75
2 hours horseback riding with picnic  $125
Dinner and a movie in the city  $150
Bowling and supper $150
Movie night at the farm with treats $20
Weights and exercise equipment  $30
Snacks and refreshment for groups  $20
Always needed

Baby food for the abandoned babies at the baby hospital $10 for a box that will last one week

Education and Development

ART SUPPLIES  Some of the youth have shown a lot of potential artistically. Emma would like to work with them to develop these skills, and to help them to explore different mediums  to express themselves.  Most art supplies are available there , and we could set up an art class for $100

PUZZLES AND TOYS  We are striving  to develop reasoning skills with those on the farm,  We would like to purchase puzzles as well as games of reason , and set up a space that would not only be educational , but fun for the kids  $10

Mountain Ranch 

This one we are putting out there for fun, but if we don't let people know it will never happen.  Just a couple miles from the farm is a mountain ranch.  It sits at the base of the mountain where we take kids for picnics and horseback riding.   The potential here is incredible.  it would be n awesome addition to the farm and a great place to expand our live stock.  The ranch can be purchased for $25 000.    

If you are making a donation as a gift you can right click the image below and then click "save image as " so that you can print it out, and put it in a card.  

Stay tuned right here on the blog to watch as these wishes are filed.  

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