Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Painted Chickens

It may have started as a cold day outside, but it sure ended up
 t-shirt weather for us as we were working today.  We have been working on the soil inside the greenhouse , it was hard packed clay.  The last team spent a few days breaking up the chunks with shovels, racks and hammers .  We have then been mixing in compost and organics ..  Outside the clay soil had become like a skating rink and the clay would build up and stick to your shoes .  So we started today by levelling the walk was with dry compost, then spreading a few bags of sawdust over it to dry things up and make a nice path.  Then it was on to the green house.

Out side today, the temperature was hovering right at the freezing point. 

But inside it is toasty warm, even with out the doors that will be arriving tomorrow, it was certainly
 t-shirt weather. 

Today we spread more compost and chopped hay on the walkways between the rows , then prepared the beds for planting , I hung the thermometers and could not believe how hot it was in there,  and once the doors are on it will be even warmer.

this is harvest season for sugar beets here .  It is a large harvest, and the prices have fallen .. right now we can buy them for a tenth of the price of other grains, and they contain lots of energy, so we will be supplementing the feed this winter.

Nurik is a happy boy today.  We finished his room and made him a door.  the room is small, but it is his.  

As we were moving him in I spotted fresh white paint in his hair.  With trepidation I asked what he was painting .. The others saw my concern and said .. "Oh its OK, it just from when he was painting the chickens this morning."  Oh OK then .....

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