Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Final day on the farm for the team.

After a full summer of rain then closing in the green house , the ground turned into a solid baked block.  The last two weeks the kids have been turning over the ground.. it is like digging cement , then what comes off is like a clay brick .  

Well the last two days the team has been lightly spraying the ground to dampen it, then pounding and breaking up those bricks .  Each pass the pieces have been smaller and the ground has been softer. Today they finished and broke through that barrier that was holding us back.  Tomorrow when we are in the city we will pick up the cucumber seeds to start planting .  

In the pictures below you can see  a before and after picture of the ground.  

Charlie helped us make a butcher block to help in the cutting of the meat.  It is amazing what the right equipment can do, In fact we are getting good at this, our arms are sore but the cuts off beef have gone from random chunks to actual cuts of beef. 

Polly was our "bag lady" and packaged the meat as we cut it up. 

Joe got his new teeth today. He is thrilled.  He had two teeth out from a hockey accident, and to have them replaced in Canada was going to be in the thousands, but here in Kyrgyzstan he was able to get them for just $75 , and they are a new technology that is still not available in Canada. 

 Victor stopped by the apartment today to show us his new phone he got.  It was a gift from one of our friends.  He has wanted to have a camera phone that can be used for making you tube videos..  I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from him now that he is connected .

Lunch at the farm today was the fish that we caught yesterday.  Sergey made a fire and cooked the fish on the open flame .. yumm 

After lunch we went out on more food deliveries, including large legs of beef to the baby orphanage, some families in need and two other orphanages.   

While we were at the baby orphanage they shared that they wanted to put a new fence like the one below around the playground.  they need about 150 feet of fencing.  The cost of that is about $400. 

We stopped at the Baby hospital to check on the new clinic.  They are working on the heating system now.  it will be about $2000 by the time it is done.  They have found local sponsors for about $800 of that.  so that leaves us with about $1200 to find to put heat in. 

Then tonight we had a final supper with the team at the farm.  For this dinner we  had some friends here that have known Dave from previous teams .. It was another great night . 

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