Wednesday, November 09, 2016


As our time here in Kyrgyzstan is drawing to a close for the season, we have started making plans for our time in Canada and the US.  We get home the end of November then the next week we have a family gathering at our home.  The following weekend ..Dec 9 - 11 we will be in Espanola with our friends from the Light House.  It will be great to connect with the team that was with us here last month as well as our many friends and supporters that were not able to come.   January 8th we will be with our friends at Northview in Peterborough .. They are one of the groups that supports us monthly as well as collects many of the Vitamins that we give out here.

If you would like to have us come and share and visit with you or your group, please contact me and we can work on some possibilities. 

We are so blessed and encouraged by the friendship and support from so many of you .. It makes it possible for us to do what we do here.  I want to give you an example of the type of support that we have ,.. We have been sooo blessed.  While we are here,  our home in Canada is still in use. My mother has an Grammy flat there, as well we have a friend staying at our home while he attends a near by collage. This year with the drought conditions or well ran dry.   I contacted some friends to see about bringing over some water.  But rater then just a temporary fix until we get home, they have gone for the permanent cure .. Today they are hard at work, putting in a cistern  and a trickle charge from the well .. this will fill as water is available , and can be topped of by a water truck if needed. 

Its strange, but we can walk into some of the most desperate situations, like a home destroyed by fire here, and have the faith and ability to turn that situation around, but when troubles arrise at home I can get discouraged and overwhelmed.  We tell teams all the time .."Every thing that you are doing here, you can do for those around you when you get home.. We don't hold the exclusive on acts of kindness."   TODAY  WE ARE THE RECIPIENTS ... Thank you friends.

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