Thursday, November 10, 2016

doors going on

Today we started making the doors , plywood and steel, with styrofoam filling , they are stronger and warmer, and about 1/4 the price of any that we might buy.  I had lots of helpers today, they all worked hard and did a great job.

once the doors are on the temperature went through the roof.  Next we will need to get the air exchanger up and running . besides cooling the green house down when it gets to hot,  the air needs to be exchanged twice a day to keep the co2 levels high for the proper growing conditions.

next we will be putting in the pressurized watering system and the supplemental lighting .. this time of year we need an extra two to three hours of light in the day so we will add some grow lamps . 

Back over a the pig barn Masha is up to 13 babies,   She did have 15 all together, but 2 were still born . All 13 are strong and eating well. 

here is a little video of the piglets all nursing. 

This brings us up to 23 pigs and we still have another batch due in a few weeks .  

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