Thursday, November 17, 2016

Getting jobs done.

The morning drive to the farm is always a beautiful one.  Every day the mountains look different . 

The village of Rot Front is a German village , and they say the name came from RED FRONT, the colour that the front of the mountain is .. Some days you can not see the red, but other days it is very clear. 
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The last few days I have been getting a lot of little things done around the farm.  Like a new set of taps in the kitchen .. all in and  almost working .. as soon as I turned the water on there was a flood as one of the pipes going through the wall burst, so the little job has turned into major repairs.. We did get trim made and got the trim up on the new windows on the craft shop , as well as we made a rack to hold some fishing rods in at the guest house so that they are available for guests. 


Over in the green house, I am trilled to see the heating system going in. It is a coal fired coal water boiler that will feed the heat rads in the green house. 

The babies are all growing and doing well . 

In the cow barn, we have made a cement trough that will catch the run off from the wood floor that the last team put in .  The smaller calves that are still on milk are in a separate pen 

In the above photo you can see a pile of sugar beats .. this is part of the diet for the cows through the colder months  they get a daily buffet of cut up pumpkins and sugar beats, ground  corn and barley, and Chopped corn stalks and chopped hay . 

Nurlan  is hard at work spreading poop on the gardens.  This is great, it is something that is productive and could keep him busy for weeks, and out of trouble.  He goes through these stages where he is thinking of what he will do next , he will not receive a lot of direction so it is a guessing game what he will come up with , some times good like today and some times bad, like last week when he painted all the chicken with a heavy oil basses lead paint .. for today .. its good . 

Acel spent a could days at the farm to give Aigoola a break.  Also Baktagul came for a visit.  They made pumpkin Oramo 

Another batch of soap is finished, and Emma took some photos before we package them up. 

Winter had set in here , this is the view from our balcony .. I decided to stay home and make the stringer of lights to put in the green house .. A good indoor job on a snowy cold day.  

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