Thursday, September 01, 2016

"EL Ulukbeck the Matador

I went out this morning to pick up the kids at the farm that are starting school.  We were doing a little back to school shopping for them .   I got there just in time to see a real live  running of the bulls .  This one thought that if today was his day, he was not going down with out first putting Ulukbeck over the manure pile .. Bull was snorting and pawing the gound and Ulukbek was jumping and weaving around those horns , and the boys watched with excitement form the green house cheering them on. I am not sure who they were cheering for .  I was actually rather surprised ,  he always seemed so friendly , maybe it is because the dairy cows have been recently moved to the next stall and are in heat, and he thought he had something to prove.   Lets just say that after that little display, I have a nice beef tenderloin in my fridge .

The green house is coming along.  The Poly  Carbonate  is going up now and the mud is being mixed up and applied to the exterior block walls 

I had 6 of our 7 school kids with Emma and I  today to do their back to school shopping .  They were pretty excited to come, though you would not know it by looking at the boys .. It is a post soviet thing .. they were all smiles until I lifted up the camera then it was all solim face .. I think they practice that in the mirror here as little children 

and through it all Masha sleeps .. she is due in another month and if you get her during her morning nap after breakfast , there is no way you will rouse her. Glad she is friendlier then the Bull . 

The girls flights were delayed out of Toronto. I was concerned about that  when I saw the short connection. So I called to arrange for gate assist, and when I said that Bekah would not be running if the flight was delayed, they suggested that we would just ask for wheel chair assist as well .  The connection ended up being to short so Julie had a 2 hour layover in Paris and Bekah had a three hour , then they will meat back up in Moscow and fly in to KG together .     I had a little chuckle when Bekah got to Paris and sent me this Face book message : 

 ðŸ™‚ I'm already in the wheelchair waiting to board
Dad I think we found the way to travel 😄😄😄
It's amazing
Right through
No lines
No waits
They do everything
maybe I will be going home in a chair !
I know! It's crazy. We didn't even pay any more eh?

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