Sunday, September 04, 2016

Morning at the Bazaar

This morning we went to the animal bazaar.  As we pulled up at the bazaar our farm livestock manager was there with his son.  We are at the place now that we were going to the bazaar not looking for a specific animal, but looking for the deals.   

We were looking at the calves, and were close to a good deal but today they were a little higher then we wanted to pay.  I said to Emma I feel kind of bad going though the bazaar looking to take advantage of some one Else's misfortune. Emma pointed out that if we don't get the deal someone else will, Also it will actually be doing them a favor if they need the money.  

Just when we gave up on a deal today we passed this pregnant cow with milk  and her calf.  The guy who owned them had to give up on cows because he said they were he kept his cows they were always drunk and not looking after them properly and he thought he should sell them while they were still in good shape.  So the deal today was $540 for both .. the calf itself is worth at lease $200.  

We ran into our horse guy from the mountain while at the bazaar.  We had a moment to do some planing for a large community party we are planing for when the next team is here.  He is the guy who owns the mountain farm were we do the horse back riding.  He will also have a yurt set up for the day .  We will have the horse games, the eagle hunters and traditional dancers there that day as well .  We will have a couple orphanages and many from the village out that day. planing on about 400 people .  

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