Thursday, September 15, 2016

Education = future

I wanted to give an update for all those who have helped us this fall with education needs .    Between tuition and supplies, clothing, food and lodging, we have supported 28 kids this year .  The cost of that support was $9100 ($11,500 CDN ) pd to date  and our on going commitment is $430 a month   

It is always a stressful time of year balancing all this and getting money through the banks and to the schools by the cut off dates. but some how we always manage to pull it off with your help.  I think one reason it is so difficult is that it is such a busy time for people and they have added expenses getting their own kids back to school .. then it seems that banks hold money for longer and longer periods of time every year .. it now takes about a month to transfer funds through the banks ( they have to process through the banks so that they are eligible for tax receipting )  

as always , a large percentage of these funds come in Designated toward tuition and the balance comes from our general fund.  this year about 1/2 came from the general fund. 

The kids are all so excited to be able to study this year, and are thankful for all your support, whether it was to tuition or to general fund,  THANK YOU .. for the investment in the future of our kids 

some of the kids you have invested in .

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