Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another catch up post

Here is a bit of a recap from the last couple days .   A couple nights ago we brought new school uniforms to all the kids at a local orphanage, then took them to the park.  It was a nice hot evening so we picked up a couple cases of ice cream . 


Back at the farm Marat is having a great time doing some wood working . He is making some signs for around the farm .  This from a boy that was supposed to be blind by now, so thankful to those of you who helped with his operation.

We stopped by the home of the Lady who had lost everything including her son in a fire this spring.  We have started making plans for the renovations and hope to have her back in before winter . We have a team coming that will do the renovations, but if any one would like to help with furnishings we sure would appreciate is .. Maybe you are in Kyrgyzstan and would like to donate things we can come and pick them up.  

The apples are ready to pick back at the farm.  We have a huge crop this year ,, and a nice tall ladder that a friend bought us in the spring. 

we were picking food today for us to give out this week .  This next picture shows the three types of potatoes we are growing , the Roma, the Beefsteak and the Cherry tomatoes . 

Beats , Long beans, peppers, broccoli, and Lettuce 

Carrots, More peppers and green radish 

We had a team of Dr's and Dentists visit the farm today.  They each received a bottle of Honey and a bar of soap 

Including those on the farm, we had 50 for supper tonight .  


we had a fresh salad, stir fry and rice, and sweet corn.  as well Vlady made us duck and beef shashleek 


Aiperi is in the hospital now waiting on the baby.. Her room is all set and ready.  And now we wait.

Julie and Bekah or on their way to the airport now and will be landing in Bishkek in a couple days .. we are all missing them and can't wait for them to get here. 

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