Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beauty from Ashes.

It was a pretty powerful day today.  When the team from Espanola heard about this babushka losing her son and her home in a fire, they right away agreed to help us repair her home so she would be back in by winter.  At the same time we had been working on getting fire equipment for the fire department so that  they would be able to enter buildings to save lives.  Today that all came together .  Through a donation from the Dummer fire department, the team was able to bring the much needed equipment.

What you don't know about this day is that the last time this fire department was here , our Babushka was totally devastated, and she took that out on the fire chief. .. She blamed him for not sending his men into the fire to get her son out.   Going in would have meant certain death for his men, but that is hard for a Mother to grasp in the moment.  

Today we explained to her that not only did we want to help her get her home back, but in honor of her son, we wanted to give the fire department the gear necessary to prevent others from dying the way her son had.   We shared with her how difficult the decision was for the fire department to not go in after her son and that is why they had contacted us separately to ask for help.. even before we had met her ..   She agreed to have them come to her house to receive the equipment. Today there was not only a degree of healing , there were concrete steps that will most definitely save lives in the future.

A special thank you to our friends in Dummer / Norwood area who provided the suites, as well as those in the Espanola area who raised the funds to rebuild this home.  and I would be remiss if I did not thank all those who donated funds to pay for the over baggage fees to get the suits here..

Today, beauty was raised from Ashes 

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