Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yesterday was another food drop day at Olga's center.  there are about 30 families now that come out.  As well Olga now has some help from the Red Crescent.  they have volunteers that will bring food t the homes of the seniors and those in need , so Olga is working with them where possible. 

There is a real need for temporary shelter in the city, so Olga is in the beginning process of setting up a temporary women's shelter .  WE are hoping to find a house to rent this week .  Our expected operating budget will be about $100 a month and be able to support possibly 3 women with their families at any one time.   I will share more as this project progresses.  Right now I am just planting a seed in case some one out there would like to help support that initiative. 

Last night we were in Bishkek at Bekah's , and celebrated a couple of birthdays ..  We gathered up all our kids that are now living in Bishkek and included them in the celebration.. It was great to have them all together again.

While we were doing that , Jengish was doing a little scouting for the up coming team we have coming in a couple weeks.  One of the days they will be doing some off road 4 x 4 into the mountain, and we thought it would be good to make sure that the road is still passable ..

A couple years ago at Christmas, we invested in a Cotton candy machine for a family we know.. The deal was that they would make cotton candy for all our parties that winter for us in exchange.. It worked out great, and was a tremendous saving for us . 

This fall we decided that a good treat for us to bring the orphanages and the institutions would be popcorn.. it is a real treat here.   As well popcorn would be great for a treat for the kids that visit the farm,   I was doing the math and figured that enough popcorn for about 1000 bags would cost us $200, including the cost of the machine.. where as when we do other treat bags, they usually cost about $1 each ..  so today I stopped at the market with Emma and we picked up this industrial popcorn popper. 

Ahhhh the sound of popcorn popping .

This morning, Jenish and the boys were working on the fields. When they bring in the large trucks to move the hay, it is both expensive and stress full to pull it all together. So this fall we are trying it with our own truck and trailer .. it may take a few more trips but will be a big savings ,, 

First load ready to pull out .. good work boys. 

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