Sunday, September 25, 2016

Team on the way .

This is an exciting week for us on many levels .    First I want to tell you about an incredible group of people that have been on this journey with us for many years now.  They are from Espanola, Light house.  Kyrgyzstan has so worked into their hearts that you can not visit the Light house with out seeing evidence of that.  The first flag you see when you come in is the Kyrgyz flag, and along with regular seating, Kyrgyz tushuks are used as well .  We make it up to see them at least once a year, and we come away blessed and recharged . People from the Light house have supported so many of our projects as well; from the farm and chickens to the hospital project, the men's home and the seniors home, praying young boys home from slavery, and so much more .   After many years investing in the people of Kyrgyzstan they have decided put feet on the ground..  5 hours ago they departed from Toronto. 

Whats really cool is that for this trip, they have partenered with Sam and Possibilities International .. many of you know Sam and what an incredible suport PI has been to us over the years .. It will be great to have Sam back here with this team .. Joining then is also a mother son team .  Rose helped in summer camps here in Kyrgyzstan Many years ago.. In fact the summer camp she helped at is just 15 k from the farm .. She is excited to bring her son with her for his first trip to Kyrgyzstan .

We will be heading out to Bishkek in a few minutes to pick up Bekah and drop off Nick, then we will head out to the airport from Bekah's around midnight to get them .. Stay tuned . this is going to be an incredible couple weeks .. 

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