Saturday, September 03, 2016

Julie visits the farm

Last night Jengish and Emma went in to spend a couple days with Bekah.  They have not seen each other all summer so it will be nice to catch up.  Bekah is still on light duty and with all the travel we thought it best to have someone stay with her to make sure she behaves herself. 

We brought Kolya back with us , he will continue working at the farm on weekends while he is in school . that will help him with food money, and at the same time will be a great help to us at the farm.  This morning he was down to make arrangements to turn on the water canals to irrigate the gardens . The water will flow at 5:00 so that will have until then to make sure all the canals are ready and to do a bit of weeding. 

It was nice for Julie to have a little visit at the farm, and to see the progress of the extension on the barn, the beginning of the next barn, and the Polly carbonate up on the first green house . 

When we got to the main house, They were busy putting up curtains.  A couple days ago we had a large team come for a visit to the farm .. They had a tour, a nice meal from the farm and also horse back riding, and a small gift of honey and soap.   All the kids had worked so hard to make sure everything was their best for the guests.  When they left, the gave a donation to the farm.  after covering all the expenses from the day there was still $100 left over.  We told Aigoola and the kids that this money was theirs as a treat for all the hard work that they did ,,Some times being on your best behavior is hard work enough , but they all did such a great job.  I suggested the hot springs or a picnic, or maybe go in to the city to a movie .. They thought about it and decided that they would like some new dishes, cutlery and coffee mugs for the farm.  They even has enough to get the curtain rod for the living room curtains that they had made.  

This was such an encouragement to us .  What was their idea of a treat was to do something for the betterment of the farm.  They are taking pride in what they are a part of.  improving the farm is more important to them then a night at the movies. 

Before leaving Marat went into the cold cellar to get us a couple jars of jam.  That will be the next job I guess.  We will need to build some more shelves there so that we will have room for the canning of the tomatoes and for the crates of apples, carrots, beats and potatoes. Maybe that will be a good job for the team when the get here in a few weeks.  

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