Thursday, October 06, 2016

Goodness and Mercy shall follow them !

 We had a simply amazing couple of weeks here with our friends from Espanola and a few more from Southern Ontario.   This group have been long time supporters of what we do in Kyrgyzstan, not just financially, but great encouragers  as well.  It was such a blessing for us to share first hand with them the joys and the heart aces we experience here every day.  

The team helped around the farm every morning , and everyday after lunch we were out in the community bringing HOPE to those around us. 

The team brought with them Fire uniforms that were donated by my home town  fire department. This was such a great blessing , and will save many lives here in the years to come .  

The team had raised money to resptore the burned out home of a local senio

We used a paint sprayer, and after the initial cleaning, everything , ceiling walls and floors were sealed with an oil paint.. then new walls were framed inside the house

Before leaving the team told her that they were buying her her winter coal, as well as a new couch set.

One of the days the team helped us deliver over 50 food packages to those in need. 

One of the jobs around the farm was to build shelves in the root cellar 

At the hospital where they had sponsored the next phase of the project, they spend an afternoon dry-walling and mudding .  I think the contractor was overwhelmed with the speed and ability of this group. 

they visited several different orphanages and were able to bring some fun and excitement everywhere they went. 


One day they finished with a medical clinic with Dr Tatyana at Olga's center. 

One of the highlights was a day that we took two different groups fishing. 


 One of the days we had a party at the farm with the team and some other guests from the city.  There were a total of 65 people there for supper that night. in total they were from 12 different countries.  We also had a couple eagle hunters and some horses for people to ride.

The team helped with lots of canning at the farm this week as well 

Helping Emma make soap 

winter is beging to set in and we see it creeping down the mountains 

lunch at the farm 

a new calf .. funds donated by a visitor to the farm one day 

new flooring and shelving in the new gift shop .

cutting a hole out for a window in the gift shop over looking the orchard

One day we had bubbles the clown join us for a tour around the valley .. to the orphanage seniors home and the mens home. 

One afternoon we loaded up everyone at the farm into a rag tag convoy of old Russian 4x4's and headed deep into the mountains where we had a shashleek supper .

when the team first arrived Sam shared how Goodness and mercy should follow us where ever we go.  This was so true with this team.  This morning we dropped them at the airport, and a few hours later some of the work they did began showing up in the news as an encouragement to others .  here are some of the headlines that followed them ... 

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