Sunday, March 06, 2016

waiting for our friends to arrive .

In just a few days, a group of our friends from our home town will be on their way to Kyrgyzstan to visit the farm .  We are so looking forward to this .. so excited 

Every day the team will be working on the farm with Jengish and I  until lunch time or going on morning outings with Julie to help with many of the other projects and commitments that we have as they come up.  In the afternoons , after lunch we will be going on outings with the kids.   some of the projects they will be working on will include a New green house, an extension on the cow barn, a new sheep barn , re configure the fences, including  fences for a poultry run and a new front fence and gate , plant an apple orchard,  finish building a poultry barn. and a new roof on the boys house.  .. 
As we get ready for the team, there is so much to do.  Yesterday we were at the bazaar getting some pillows and pillow cases for their beds, along with bath towels hand towels and face clothes.   
One of the things we will be doing with them is stocking up the store house. we want to have several months ahead of food all the time for both the farm and the families and institutions that we provide food hampers for.  It is becoming increasingly more difficult to transfer funds here quickly so we want to be sure that we are not ever caught short with the necessities .  
The store room is small and is off the kitchen, and because it was kept cooler, it sucks the moister out of the kitchen, and had become stale and musty.  So we needed to take care of this right away , and do a careful cleaning and put in ventilation before we bring in the supplies.   So the last few days the room has been cleaned out and bleached, and yesterday it was painted with a good washable oil base paint.    Today we will bring out wood to make pallets on the floor, then tomorrow we will be able to begin stocking it up. 

This time last year we had 1 garden two fields and we had 3 people living on the farm,  This year we now have 5 gardens and between 15 and 20 people on the farm at any one time, and we will have upwards of 1500 lbs of produce a day to harvest and deliver to the institutions and families in need .   We are so blessed that over the last few months, many of you have recognised the extra pressure as we grow, and before we even asked, many of you came forward with not only the idea, but the finances to help us meet the needs .  

Even before returning to Kyrgyzstan, Jengish had his brothers sourcing out the sponsored items, and in the last few weeks, we have been able to get everything, and are ready for a great summer 

Top left .. This is the Uas.. it is one step down from a tank.. it is 4 wheel drive and can carry just about anything , including animals, grain, cement , sand and gravel , and what ever else we can pile on. 
Top right .  This is a 4 wheel drive Kabota garden tractor with a cultivator , as well we will be able to put on the plow at the same time so as we drive it will cultivate and form the rows ready to plant. It has a very tight turning radios and was designed for operations in and around green houses. 
Bottom left .  This is an Opel van .  It is small as a van goes , but still holds up to 7 passengers and has stow and go seating in the back, making it super versatile for outings with the kids and for grocery shopping etc, and can be used for deliveries to some of the further places like the seniors home that would be too far for the Uaz 
Middle . This is a Zaporozhet .. it is the epitome of old soviet transportation.  We paid $150 for it.  It will be the vehicle that the kids will be able to learn on as they are all going to school for their licences. as part of their life skills training.  
Bottom right .  This is Boomer. boomer is a three year old male donkey .  He does not need a drivers licence..hahhaa .. We have been wanting a donkey and cart for harvest as it can work its way down the rows with out disturbing the plants .  and the boys can use it to move hay and food between the farms .  I was saying I am not going to buy one unless it comes with a cart and is trained to pull .. the next day.  This one was on the side of the road for sale with his cart so we had him hitched up and told them that if he made it to the farm riding on  the cart we would buy him .. probably one of the best $125 spent ... 

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