Monday, March 07, 2016

Beds are made

Today we finished up the store room to get ready for food coming tomorrow.   the kids were all very eager to help . Beksolten loved the cordless drill. 

The new pillows were finished today, so now that everything is here, we were able to make all the beds and put the final touches on the rooms for the team.  It brings back memories of when I was a kid and my parents owned a hotel and restaurant . 

Vlady stoped out to the farm, and I gave him a huge list of things to work on with Misha.  Starting with getting the sauna working again,  It needs a little welding , and a spruce up and it will be great . 

This old bath tub will come out and be used as a water trough and it will be replaced with wooden benches, and we will make wooden palates for the floor as well . 

the bathroom got a fresh coat of paint.  and the water heater turned on . 

 Even Lati got a fresh bath today .  I think she likes the attention

Baktagul is having a little break on the swing.  We got a great deal on fruit from a man at the bazaar that just wanted to go home, so we bought everything he had for the price of his cheapest apples .. I think we got about 100 kg of apples, 20 kg of oranges and about 10 kg of Banana's In all I think we paid about 1/2 half the going rate, but that's what happens when you buy the whole stand. 

So the beds are all made, they all have new pillows and blankets and sheets we had donated and brought from Canada.  Julie even got some nice bath towels, hand towels and face cloths.

Julie and I will stay out at the farm for the week while the team is there , so I will be close by for making breakfast in the mornings.  Julie will stay at the girls house and I will stay on the living room  day bed. 

Tomorrow we have a few loads of hay arriving, about 400kg of corn, and will start stocking up the food closet.  Also the builder guy will be arriving to start on the poultry barn, the new roof on the boys house and the addition on the barn 

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