Thursday, March 10, 2016

its all coming together

    We started the day with another trip to the bazaar to get supplies for the farm .  We are gearing up for a very busy summer and there is a lot of preparation to do before we are full time in the fields.  We have been so blessed with many people who have seen , or expected the needs and have sponsored different things.  Right now we are building a barn, a green house, a new block fence and gate, getting the truck ready for work, putting in power assist breaks , and renovating the sewing house as we now need the space for more people.  also getting ready to bring in some more sewing machines , the next will likely be a  serger and an embroidery machine.  Aigula will come with us to Bishkek next week when the second team comes and do that shop. 

   Today while we were   shopping I took about 10 minutes and stoped to get some distance glasses , I was too cheep o do that in Canada.  I paid $6.25 for a tinted pair here , a bit more then I wanted to pay,  but they did come with a case , so I guess its OK.   

The photo below on the right is Aizada on her way to her first driving lessons.  On the left is the new kitchen in the Sewing house.  It was not in budget, but the old one was in such bad shape, and needed a lot of repairs.  This one was $180 .. Its a good thing I got my glasses on sale !


Julie and Emma were busy at the main house getting the bunk room there ready for the girls on the team , As well we reorganised the living room to make room for everyone when they have team meeting. 

Some of the boys were over with the builder working on the Boys house .  WE are trying to get it done this week as it may rain next week. As well the old roof that comes off, the team will be helping to put on the new poultry barn.  So it is taking a little longer then normal because everything is being carefully taken apart. 

Over at the poultry barn, Vlady and Misha are putting in running water , and getting ready for the new roof to go on.  There is a bit of a roof started, but the beams they had used were to far apart, and are each two or three pieces splinted together, So we got enough rafters to replace them all . 

Aigula served up another great lunch.  When we were organising the living room we came across some pictures from last summer when some of the boys first came to us.  It is amazing to see how much bigger, stronger and healthier they look.  I have seen this with kids that have been adopted from here. They get to their new homes and suddenly begin to flourish .. for some reason I was not expecting it, but good living, good food, and steady work can make such a difference .  Emma says it's because they don't have the stress of orphanage living . 

with the team here we will be up to about 30 or so people for every meal, so along with the new tables and stools, we reorganised the garage kitchen .  We also took this time to give everything a good cleaning and bleach , and ready for the summers canning.   But the most important part is command central .. ie the coffee counter with the schedule for the next week. 

This spring we re going to build a brick oven for the bread, but for now we have a bunch of portable ovens.   We have some of the kids that got a grant to start a break making business, so while the team is here is a good time for them to start and practise on us.  I have ordered 10 loaves a day, and after the first week we will put up a sign at the road.  What does not sell each day I will buy and bring to the orphanages and kids homes . This way there will always be bread for sale, and it will get people in the habit of coming to the farm for their bread . 

 We have divided up the cooking , with Aigula, myself and Vlady or a restaurant each doing one meal a day. Today we went over the schedule with Aigula so she could think about what she would like to make, and give me a shopping list tomorrow . 

  We had a bit of wood left from the tables, so we were able to fix the bridge over one of the irrigation ditches , or at least one side of it. 

Tomorrow the butcher will come so that we will be able to fill the freezer and add meat to the food drops next week.  Also we will prepare the field that we will be planting next week as an aple orchard. 

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