Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter update from Kyrgyzstan

Happy Easter to all of you from all of us at the farm .  
What an amazing few weeks out at the Farm , not to mention all the other areas that we touched with our incredible friends that came to spend time with us this week .   Julie and I have been living out at the farm the last couple weeks , and since the last group left, we have stayed on for the weekend to give Aigula a much needed and deserved rest.  That said, the Internet has been very slow ,  I tried to upload a video and this is what happened after leaving it uploading all night ... 

Well we stopped at the apartment for an hour or so today to try to get caught up so here is the video I was trying to upload 

The boys house is so awesome now .. New roof and gutters and a patio in their front.. this will solve the mud issues for sure . 

The team had a great time working around the farm, including the many trips with Boomer (BMW) 

Cole set up new grooming stations for the cows .   This morning I took a look and two of the boys were busy grooming the cows as part of their morning chores 

Sarah was a trooper as well .. digging right in ..and loving it 

The truck got a work out as well... Many trips to the dump, to get hay and to move bricks, blocks and gravel ..

The visit from Tumara the eagle was a fun outing for two of the teams 

Shoe shopping for the kids from Svetly Puut brought lots of excitement .. We asked the kids to please look after out teams and try not to lose them in the Bazaar .. Fortunately
 every one did manage to keep up .

The opposite side of the bazaar was Cosmo park, bowling and supper out 

We found the bigger fish. The first team checked it out, then the second took a group of men from The men's home fishing ..that was sooo awesome , they had such a great day .. including a shore lunch.  The largest fish weighed in at 5.7 lbs 

The second time Tumara came to visit , we were up in the mountains horses back riding and a camp fire with Smores and Vladys shashleek 

It is such an amazing place.. if all you came for was this, I guarantee your trip would be a success.

Some teaching time with one of our much loved boys , looking over the village were the farm is .. I am always impressed with how well Jengish is able to bring opportunity for life lessons to the kids. 

Seeds arrived with the second team. They are from friends of Christy Walls who send us seeds every year .. 

We got a donation for an apple orchard so that we can supply apples to the orphanages .. The First team the fields were too wet but last week we were able to plant 200 dwarf apple trees .. Red Delicious and Macintosh . 

Along with the patio on the boys house, we were able to put the interlocking bricks on the walk way between three of the properties .. The one below is the emergency shelter / guest house , it also has the Wood shop and the future Bakery 

We also got a new bridge built over the irrigation canal 

The boys are now all focused on the green house and the new front block fence .. The work continues .. At the house now I see that the trees are all about 1 1/2 inches tall now .. just about ready to move to the larger trays . It looks like about 1000 of them are up now . 

Well back to the farm now.  If you don't hear from me its the Internet.  We are still able to get FB messages out from time to time .. 

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