Friday, March 11, 2016

getting ready to plant the orchard

Today we fired up the garden tractor for the first time to prepare the land that will be our apple orchard. We will put about 200 dwarf apple trees here , then plant clover.  It will be fenced off and also be one of the paddocks for the free range ducks and geese.

The guys got the first side of the house done and are now over on the front side 

With all the spring cleaning and all the kids and workmen there, Aigula asked today if the next time someone asked me what we need on the farm, I would say  "An automatic washing machine" a good one would be about $400 . I told her I would share her request. 

We had our friend the butcher at the farm in today , so if you're squirmy ,  I will see you tomorrow , if not read on. 
\We were going to do this cow next week, but decided with the team here we would get it done early in case any one tried to name him.   Some of the other bulls got a reprieve.  Jengish was talking to the head of the village and they are wondering if we could please send our bulls to the mountain grazing each day with the village cows.  So it looks like they will have a fun summer.  

The butcher brought all his tools with him, but was happy to give my new tool a go .. 

We sure got a lot of meat off this one. Dressed out at close to 200 KG (440lbs) 

It was all packed up into 1 to 2 KG packages and into the freezer 

We have food for the farm for the next month as well as 140 packages that we will be able to add to the next round of food  packages that we put together . 

another shout out to our friends from Germany who raised the funds for the freezer.. 

as I am writing this , our team from my home town is heading for the airport on there way to the farm . We are all so excited to be seeing them soon.  Then as they are departing , we have other friends coming in from Cincinnati .. can't wait.

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