Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The roof is started

We got started today on the new roof on the boys house .  This was donated by friends from Germany that came to the farm last summer and fell in love with the farm and the kids .  They did a large fundraiser in Germany to do a bunch of projects like a new fence, a new front gate, the roof on the barn a billy goat and two dairy cattle , they even raised funds for a milking machine and a trailer .  The only thing that they have not yet raised the funds completely for is a summer cow shed .. I think we have only about $400 to go on this one .  If any one you know would like to help with that it sure would be a boost to be able to get that covered as well. 

the old roof off of the house will become the new roof on the poultry barn.  We picked up the roof trusses for that today, and we will be ready to put it on next week when the team from Norwood Canada is here.  We will also be reconfiguring some fences and planting an apple orchard with the team.  We found a good nursery in Bishkek where we can get good dwarf apple trees.  We will be picking them up on Saturday afternoon. 

Back at the main house it is time for some spring cleaning, and white washing the walls , and painting the ceiling .  The dinning area has a wood ceiling , so it has a fresh coat of varnish on it . 

We had seating in the dinning area for 20, and we have now reached that when everyone is home from school, so today we made another harvest table and another 5 benches.  We had lots of eager help.  The boys just love doing that type of thing.   I think what they love is anything that involves spending time with them.  I get locked in easily on a project, and some times find the extra hands a distraction, but I remind myself that the kids are the project and what ever I m doing is just the excuse to spend time with them..    All in all they are doing great. Of course we have the odd rough patch as the number of kids is always changing , and every time a new face is added to the mix it can be difficult.  The numbers are  always changing with kids at trade school and university, I think our low is 14 and our high is 21 .. 

It was a long day , but so much was accomplished.    Good night kids ...

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