Saturday, March 05, 2016

A "Ground Breaking " Day

The day started with a trip out to the farm .  We had a little meeting with all the kids , including a new girl Ducya who has just come to the farm . We filled them in on all the plans for the next couple months, and made some plans for the next couple days . 

We had such a wonderful day with them.  They are all so happy and such good kids.  most of the things that I had planed to have them do today were already done when we got there.  The animals were all fed and watered and looked after.. They are all so content and looking healthy as well.  . 

Lunch on the farm is always my favourite part of the day.I love the way everyone gets along and has a "Family meal" together . 

The kids thought Julie would be much more comfortable out in the sun if she had a nice chair. 

I had read the boys the riot act.. We have a Cattle truck, and no one can drive it until they get their licence ( something we re in the process of now ) .. and We have the tractor here now to make the farming more efficient, but no one can drive it until they have their licence . I could see that they were all understanding , but then Emma and I came back from the paint store with "Boomer" he is a three year old male donkey and comes with a really sturdy light weight cart .. perfect for working the fields with .. So we introduced him to the kids and the kids to him, and said , this one you CAN drive .. Well they had a great time , up and down the street, across the fields , then the cart off and riding him bare back .. 


Then after the fun, it was time to get back to work.  Sydula came and layed out the foundation of the Green house, and we broke ground .. 

They are digging the trench for the foundation, then will pour the cement directly into the trench, and then will dig it out after it is hard.. this way the will not need forms .  So Today they had four trenches 3 feet deep to dig .  So they divided up into three teams of 2 and each took a side.  They made a bet, and who ever was the last to finish their trench and to dig the fourth one... 


I really don't think they could have dug it much faster with a backhoe.  

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