Saturday, October 31, 2015

What a day of blessing for so many

 I ended yesterdays post with us all heading out for supper with the folks from LAMb here in Kyrgyzstan .. We had a great night , 33 of us in total, it was one of those nights that when the meal was over everyone was content to sit around and visit .. A great time was had by all.

This morning we went out shopping early for food hampers that we would deliver through out the day , some went with bekeah to get the hampers, and some went with me to get apples

nice young boy at this stall has helped us pack hundreds of packs in the past 

Once we were finished shopping , we headed to Larisa's house to pack all the bags, as well as to bring her five  and a half tons of coal that she will be able to give to people in need through out the winter.
Romma shows off the coal

each pack has potatoes, tea, pasta, rice, buckwheat, oil, cadenced milk, sugar and apples 

Our first stop with the bags was to the dump 

Next stop was to the mens home to give out apples .. with over 650 lbs of apples, we were able to make sure all 270 men got more apples then they could hold .... 

Once the apples were distributed, we went back to Larisa's for lunch and a visit.  She always has lots of animals there as well.  I don't know why it is , but I always seem to unwind if I have a chicken or a goose or some other poultry on my lap.. 

After lunch we came back to Tokmok and delivered more food hampers to some of the families that we know would appreciate them 

One of the coal stops today was to the family I had shared about a few weeks ago that were thinking that they would have to move out and possibly have to put their kids in an orphanage because they could not afford the winter heat .. something we will be seeing a lot of when I get back to Ontario

the next family was thrilled with their food hamper and coal 

They were also thrilled to show us that he now had a drivers licence thanks to one of our sponsors this spring that invested in their future

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