Friday, October 30, 2015

Another work day in Red River.

Today when we got to Auxana's house , Dave and Zack surprised her with a bunch of shopping for food, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene items .. Then it was back to work on the chicken shed. 

The front walls and doors , and the rest of the coal shed today . 

We built the shed right along the front of the property so that it does a double duty .. Front fences are very important here, so this will make a great fence at the same time. 

Then a fenced in area out side for the chickens was added 

the chickens love the new digs 

Inside there is a closed in pen and a side that will be for a nursery for baby chicks, ducks and geese. 

just as we were finishing the shed, the coal arrived, and the boys bagged it up 

Then loaded it all inside for the winter 

at the end of a long day, gathering for a photo.  ran out of material.  Jengish and Emma will have to stop back and put a couple moe boards on .  Auxana was so excited and thrilled with her new chicken coop.  But she was she was more excited when we discussed the next plan with her.

Auxanna does such a great job raising baby chickens ducks and geese .  She has about a 95% success rate,  On the farm our rate is much lower, and it is something we had been trying to figure out.  So today we discussed with Auxana that she would work for us and the farm .  We will bring her a couple hundred baby poultry along with the food each month, and then when they reach 2 months old we will move them to the farm .  This will give her a job, and will be able to work from her home.  this will be a great win win situation for all of us .  

On the way back to Tokmok, Dave stooped at the Ivonofka children's centre to drop off some nurses uniforms that a friend had sent for them .. 

In another hour we are heading out for supper with all the LAMb kids and staff at one of our favourite restaurants . 

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