Thursday, October 15, 2015

Food shares are back ! 2016 campain begins

What a year it has been .. We are closing out our years harvest at the farm .  We have maybe one more day on the the first garden, and two fields of hay to cat as soon as the weather dries up a bit. 
We are so thankful to all of you who purchased food shares for this growing season .  

through food shares we saw literally thousands and thousands of lbs of produce go to those who need it most, as well we have witnessed the farm transform into a home and a safe haven for kids who other wise would have been in trouble .. 

Today we were working on Memory boards that we will put up at the farm tomorrow for the kids .. The boards feature not only the produce and the produce deliveries, but also the human factor.  The good times the kids had , and the accomplishments that they made , both collectively and personally, but most of all they really emphasised the family that is being created at the farm .

Baktagul and Aizada working hard laying out the photos , each board is a mix of all aspects of the farm, and will be hung in different locations around the properties to remind us all of  how blessed we are to be a part of something special like this . 

showing us the finished boards ,  
( If you click on the boards below, they will open in a larger screen for you on your computer.)

As we now look forward to a new growing year , we will be taking everything that we learned and  applying what worked best to our plans for the new year .  We have 5 fields to plant now, so we have decided to increase the food shares farms from 1 field to two fields.. still with 100 shares per field .
that means 200 available shares at $60 a share .  Any one who followed the progress of the food shares this year will know that the abundance of produce exceeded all possible expectations , and there is no doubt that the food donations far exceeded the cost of the share .. On top of that , the kids gained valuable life skills , experienced being part of a family, and are developing into fine young men and women ..

Please consider buying a share this fall toward next summers crop.   Just $60 a share can make such a difference in the lives of so many

number of shares
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