Monday, October 05, 2015

the end of THE WAY

Julie and Asel have spent a couple days in the Santiago region, and even spent a night out at the coast in Finistare .. this is truly the END OF THE WAY .. you can walk no farther ..

Today they will be flying back to Paris to get their connecting flight back to Bishkek tomorrow night. 

After a very busy few weeks followed by a team coming, then yesterday the short but always stressful trip to Kyrgyzstan to renew my 60 Day visa free status.. I am beat .. and I am taking a few days off.  

The girls have been busy cleaning the house.  all the carpets up and floors cleaned.  It seems to be a thing that every time the dining room is theraly  cleaned, it is set up different .. I don't really like the way it is now, but it makes them happy and its extremely clean so I will not say anything .. just live with it .  

I have been looking up different recipes for making pumpkin pie from scratch.  This Sunday is the Canadian Thanksgiving, so we will have a big supper out at the farm.  A full Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie for desert. 

The work on the farm continues , Vlady is putting in a new heating system and an indoor bathroom with hot water, a shower and a flush toilet.  We are also putting in new windows. so it will be all set for winter.  The ceilings are also going up right now in the three work rooms .  And later this week we will put down the floor and install electricity .  

I am doing my best to not think about all that right now, and just try to relax a bit.  But there is so much to think about .. 

Some of the things that we are looking at now it to arrange drivers training .. we have 6 kids to take the class, and we are wondering how many before we can have the class conducted out at the farm rather then them all coming to town a couple times a week.  Also our last boy has a very saver cleft that has not been repaired .  He is 26 years old now.  We need to get him in to the D's to be checked out to see what we can do about closing it up for him .  

I  also see the snow moving down the mountain every morning a little lower , and we are not ready with winter clothes yet .  They arrive with a plastic bag with everything they own , and I doubt that includes warm clothes .. not sure what we are going to do about that yet .. 

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