Wednesday, October 28, 2015

work day on the farm

The last couple days , Emma and Jengish brought Dave and Zack to the far side of Issykool to see the sights, and to stop and see the eagle hunter.  A great opportunity for them.. In all the times Dave has been here he never had the opportunity to get out like this .  

Dave and the Eagle 

Today we were back at the farm for a work day .  the new porch is almost finished .in front of the sewing centre. 

We bought the boys a set of bar bells to help them let out a little extra energy when the farm starts to slow down through the winter months 

Zack and Goosey cheered them on as Sergey was giving some instructions 

after lunch they spent about an hour spotting each other doing bench presses 

and Zack and Goosey regarded each other 

Every one was busy getting wood cut and the yard cleaned up 

We also finished off a bit of fencing that would divide the garden into an area with the fruit trees and plants that the goats can't eat, and then the section where the goats can now graze , We also put in an entrance for the tractor that will soon be coming to live at the farm .. yahoooooo .

At 4:00 we loaded up the truck with grain and hay for the cows, and headed up to the mountain , we also met up with the coal truck that brought a load of coal to our friends there. 

The river was not that high today .. it has been cold, and not much snow melt in the mountains, so this is the perfect time to get across . 

If you look right beside where the coal is being dumped you will see stacks of cow poop that has been dried into small blocks that will also be used to heat .  This coal we brought today will be suplimental heat for three families that live on this mountain and help care for our cows .

It was nice to see the cows , they are looking great .  

Its especialy  nice to see them up close. Now that there is not so much food in the mountains, they are back down in the valley and we can see them up close , rather then pointing to a tinny little spot on the top of the mountain and saying .."Thats them there " 

This barn will be their home for the winter , and we will sell them from here throughout the winter,  Three are already sold and will be used as food for the orphnages and institutions for about three months , we are hoping to to find sponsors that would like to by 2 more of them so that we will have the winter covered . 

After we came off the mountain we were back to Tokmok where we had been invited out to supper with Dave , Zack and all our kids from the Tokmok home.  Dave and I were given these cool Uzbek hats from out hosts . 

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