Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Photos

Julie is back from the city, so we have the pictures from Thanksgiving here. 

Emma and I made the pumpkin pies the day before ,  as well as prepared the turkey . 

the girls had fun decorating the dinning hall 

the kids also bagged up some party favours for the party 

They also made Borsolk for on the table 

Gossey and the little ducks got a bath, and it was a little cool, so the little ducks spent the afternoon in the kitchen above the stove to keep warm. 

once the veggies were all washed and pealed and ready to cook, we had about an hour and a half before supper, so Jengish and Emma took every one that wanted to go up the mountain behind the farm, about 5 minutes away .  There they went horse back riding . 

It is such a beautiful spot, and so close to us , you could probably walk it in about 15 minutes .  We have done the math, and we could never justify purchasing our own horses and paying for their food and upkeep for the deal we have worked out with this Shepperd. The horses are so well trained and the location and the view are unbelievable . 

One thing that we really noticed is how much colder it was up the mountain just a little bit .. winter is just around the corner 

Back at the farm we all gathered for a wonderful feast , and like an old time pioneer Thanks giving , everything was fresh right off the farm.  

we were happy that Isar and his family were able to make it as well .. The last house came with a huge bed of young rose shoots.  Isars wife cultures roses and says that she will come next spring and help us to do the splitting and grafting to make them into shrubs and bushes .. there will be about 3000 when she is finished .. she says that she knows a lady who's only job is to do the grafting , and will bring her out for a few days to look after that  

this year has been such a year of bounty and growth for us and those we work with ,  beyond the farm, we have been able bless so many with the abundance that we have had.. thousands and thousands of pounds of produce have not only fed but stocked the shelves for winter of families , institutions and orphanages providing for several hundred of the most vulnerable of society .. 

we are so thankful to those of you who bought food shares for this years crop making it possible for us to give so much , Thank you for putting your trust in the farm and this project making this possible , 

and on behalf of all those who the farm has become a home to .. another special THANK YOU 

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