Sunday, November 01, 2015

A day full of emotion.

It was some what of an emotional day today .  We are so blessed with all that has  been accomplished this fall here in Kyrgyzstan . but most of all with the incredible bonds that has been formed with all our kids.  They can drive you crazy .. most of the time , but God has given us a deep love for them all .    But more of that in a bit, so off to the animal bazaar. 

We brought the Vet with us.  He is the friend from behind the farm that has the horses in the mountains.  He used to care for 2500 cows , so he knows his stuff .  He carefully inspected about 35 or 40 cows before we found this beautiful cow.  She is expecting soon, and has great mussel tone. 

 The deal was almost done when someone came in with a Holstein .. one of the largest and best looking cows at the market .   Our intention was to get a high end cow that we could begin breading toward a good milking heard , insemination with Holstein .. This cow would put us about 3 or 4 generations ahead of the game .. So we decided to get her instead.  


If you notice in the front of the picture my black cow.  There as just something about her .. She was such a good cow, fantastic shape, but most of all she took a liking to us and wanted to stay right with us at the bazaar , he disposition is exactly what we need for around the kids on the farm.  The vet took another once over with her, and felt that she was still a great buy, and we might be better with her then buying 3 young calf's ..  So in four or five months we will have a couple new calves of our own.

Aigulla could not wait to wash them up and see how much milk they would give .. Between the two she got close to 20 litres .. that is fantastic for a cow here .. 

We bought a couple brushes, and the boys were lined up waiting for turns to brush them, and both cows loved it.  The will actually moo when the boys leave the barn until they come back and brush them more .. this will be great therapy for them.    

We got a new boy out at the farm yesterday .. He is a really nice boy, but has come from a very terrible situation.  We is a year out of the orphanage, and comes to us with a lot of physical and I am sure emotional scars.  I pray that God will bless him and restore him , and make him feel loved and cares for with us. 

We then went down to check out the cottage house.  We had so much work to do here , but it turned out great .. This picture is after the foundation was replaced.

And now after the walls and new windows were installed  ( thank you PI / iam1ru ) 

Here is another before view 

and now 

I took a walk along the road on the back side of the farm   with our Podgorna farms 




Back at "B" , the sewing centre the porch has been poured as well 

this is the Car paint shop in the back ground, and gooseys brothers and sisters in the front .

We then had a get together to say good bye and to celebrate all the November birthdays 

Before we left, we gathered all the kids together with Emma and Jengish and Aigula for a photo

And driving off we say see you later .. Good buy is to hard 

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