Saturday, October 03, 2015

Great day in the mountains

Up early and out to the farm to prepare breakfast for the team 

Then it was out to work in the garden.  we harvested the sunflowers and the last of the tomatoes in the front of the garden.  getting the land ready for the tractor to plow 

We had the kids from Dayspring and Jeremiah here today They were helping us, then bringing some of the produce home with them 

Since we were puling the stocks , we have a lot of green tomatoes , we will browse goggle and see what recipes we can come up with for canning . 

We have put aside about 1/2 dozen of the bigger heads for next years seed.

We then headed up into the mountain right behind the farm.  This is about 2 km from us , but you would think you were way into the mountains .  

 Vlady went up before us and had a picnic lunch ready .. Ploff and Shashleek .  

We also had 4 horses rented for a couple hours so everyone who wanted to got to go riding .

There were about 45 people in all.  They all had such a great time .  

A great couple days with all the kids .  

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