Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update from Emma

Emma and Kamala have been spending a lot of time with the kids from Bacute orphanage. They have been helping with homework and making sure that the kids stay on track with their schooling .  But not wanting it to be all work work work, they have been doing puzzles and crafts as well. Kamala has been such a great help. She is an incredible teacher; she is one of those people that just knows how to reach her students.  Emma was telling me that it was because of the help of Kamala that she was able to pass her course.    I got it wrong by the way .. Emma got a C+ not a C... absolutely incredible when you figure starting late in the year, University level Kyrgyz taught in Russian ..which meant she is learning grammer for two languages at the same time.     

A couple days ago Emma was over to order more blankets for Christmas gifts, and she ran into Alina there .  It was great to see her again. 

Today she was out with Olga.  They visited two families that are trying desperately to stay together.   They are both hard working , and NOT drinkers .. they just can't make ends meet, and with out intervention the kids will end up in an orphanage. It is always such a shame when you have a loving caring care giver and for economic reasons they can not keep their kids .  Emma brought them food today, and  found that they need clothes, so she will be seeing what she can find and go back .  She says that it is so hard to get used clothes because the old clothes are used to heat the house .. Jokingly I said we should start a coal for clothing exchange .. but the more I think about it the more I like the idea .. one big sack of clean folded clothes for one big sack of coal ..   that would be about $10 for us and would burn about 100 times longer for them .    It turns out that Olga has about 10 families that are on the edge that she has been trying to help..  I have stepped out in faith here and told Emma to go ahead and start working her way through the list with Olga, and making sure that they are all OK this winter. Every child we can keep home and out of the orphanage is one less child in the orphanage in the future .. I think that this is an important place to start when dealing with the number of kids in the orphanage.   

Well back in Canada Christmas is under way .. in full swing so to speak.  The turkey is in the oven and the potatoes are peeled.  We will celebrate today with family on this side of the globe, then on Christmas morning we will begin the long Journey to our other home to be with our family and friends there ... well over two thousand in total .. and I think we are ready.   


Carrie DeLille said...

I'm curious, John. Talking of these families in need who are doing all the right things and just can't make ends meet. How much $ does it take for the average family to live through a winter month (heating, clothing, food)?

Julie and John Wright said...

depending on the size of the family, would say around $100 to $150 a month.