Thursday, December 12, 2013

Acelbek and orphanage update

Well Acelbek seems to be doing much better .  They have patched him up, added a few extra parts and he is good to go .. They discharged him from the hospital today .    He has a place to stay at a Bakery, and is aloud to stay there until he finds a job.    It was a little closer call then we had realized.   With the broken collar bone  and a fractured skull it may be difficult to hold down a job, but at least he is alive to tell about it .. something he is not taking for granted. 

Bekah did some investigating about one of the orphanages in trouble.  It turns out that a rehab center closed a few weeks back in Bishkek, and the people were suddenly homeless again, so the directors who run the home, who also run a woman's shelter, got involved , and have now opened a rehab center to take those who where left homeless... Why is it the ones that you think already have enough on their plate that rise up and meet the needs around them .   Bekah is heading out there tomorrow ( about 4 or 5 hours away ) and will take a dozen of the kids shopping for winter clothes, boots and coats.  I have also asked her to get them a large food hamper.  This will take the edge off.    Due to the time sensitivity and pending winter we have not had time to get pre photos and post the need .. we will get lots of pictures as we go and then try to make up the funds after .  It is such a blessing that we have some donations that came in allocated to bridge some needs .  so stay tuned , photos and story to follow . 

Today Emma and Jengish met up with Acel and went to pay for Teliks operation as well as took Bakagul to get some clothes for winter .

The question is .... where do they get time for school ?

We are on our way to Minnesota in a few minutes .. Looking forward to a great trip .

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