Tuesday, December 17, 2013

making plans , making costumes , and making dreams come true.

Our little Christmas Elves are hard at it ..
 Anya and her mom are working diligently to get all the dance costumes ready for the concerts that they will be putting on at several of the orphanages.
 As part of the Christmas pie challenge, Anya and a group of youth from her dance group will be putting on concerts, including traditional Kyrgyz dance in full costume .  It is important that the institutionalized have a chance to experience some of their own culture .

As we have shared , we have 3 guests joining us this Christmas to help with the parties and helping us to deliver about 400 lbs of Vitamins to carry the orphanages  over the winter  .  We have a very busy schedule ready for them.  I am sure that there will be several changes as their usually are .. its hard to fit over 35 different events into just nine days , but with a little doubling up and some tight scheduling , we have managed to fit  30 of them , representing over 1600 people .that just leaves another 480 in three orphanages that we will have to do after the team leaves.  
As well there is another large  home for disabled , mostly aged out teens that we would like to go to if we have another $1500 to $2000 come in before we go next week.  

so here is what it will look like .. 

Dec 28
arrive morning 4:15 am
afternoon in Orlovka and surrounding villages  ( 150 kids )
evening at Red River Orphanage  (120 kids )

Dec 29
Bazaar shopping for gifts and food bags
Pack food and Gift bags
Begin delivery of Christmas food hampers  ( 54 families )
5:00 Bacute party at our apartment   (15 )

Dec 30
Morning at the Society of Cornelius learning centre (40)
Noon at seniors home  (43)
Afternoon  Orlovka orphanage (44)
Evening , visit Dayspring and  Jeremiah house    ( 12)

Dec 31
Morning  Tokmok Baby orphanage (90)
Noon  Larisa's families on her case load (150)
Evening  Men’s Home (270)

Jan 1
Morning  to  Dump  (30)
Noon  Emmas kids at risk (40)

Jan 2
Morning  Ivonofka Orphanage  (40 )
Noon Sarafemofka village (193)
Evening  SvetlyPut children’s home  (45)

Jan 3
Morning   Hospital staff   Baby hospital and Maternity hospital giving new Uniforms
Afternoon   Christmas with  all our coworkers and their families

Jan 4
Noon Belevodsk  orphanage (40)
Afternoon  Karabalta   the kids from two orphanages and the village (150)

Jan 5
Morning .. Blind society (100)
Noon    University Students (25)

Jan 6
Head for home

 We will try to post every day at least a few photos so you can all live the adventure with us ...    

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