Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The ONE that does remember

Guess who I saw today?  
That was the subject line on an email I got today
 from a friend in Bishkek . the email went on to read 
"He still remembers the boots that you gave him two years ago!He send his greetings to you too!"
 I have  to admit that as hard as I try I can not remember 
this man. We try to keep contact with the people that we
 help, but some times we loose contact, or maybe we helped
through someone else I am just not sure . I can't even place 
the circumstances of this gift, but HE DOES.  Maybe
 one of you remember and can refresh our memory. 
Is that not the beauty of what we do .. the beauty of HOPE. 
 for two years now, the impact of that encounter has lived on 
with this man. 
 He has remembered that someone reached out to him
 every time he has put his boots on.   it is a little nugget 
of strength that he has carried with him on his daily struggle .. 
although I do not remember him myself, it gives me comfort
 to know that the gift was given on behalf of
 the ONE that does remember ..   

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