Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Baby Orphange........Larisa's kids .......and the mens home

We began the day with a trip to the bazaar to buy food for the baby orphanage .
the kids have the chicken pox right now so we will have to postpone the party, but for now it sure is great to know that the shelves are full ..starting the new year with the kitchen newly renovated and full of good fresh foods .
Korry keeping track as the cart is loaded 
After the Baby orphanage we went to a restaurant where we brought all the families that Larisa works with .  As I looked around I recognized many of the kids from the dump and from the village, as well as so many kids that we know would be living in orphanages or disabled homes if not for the intervention of Larisa . 

she was waiting for us as we arrived 

and let the dance begin

several courses were served between the dancing and gifts 

They all say THANK YOU for the wonderful day that you all provided them 

then it was off to the mens home .

the men loved the singing .. it was like Tony was a star 

then after more dancing, we gave out presents 

Larisa kept it all organized 

at the end of a great day, the men retired to their rooms to check out what was in the gift bags .

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