Thursday, December 26, 2013

The show must go on !

And it was a great show.  Annya and the dance group she is in did a wonderful presentation for the children  at Chui orphanage .  They have been working on this since the beginning of November , and even made all the costumes them selves .  

 There was a chance that if all went well, we could have stopped in on our way home from the airport, but alas plans  were  different , and we are held up in a hotel in Moscow for the night as our plane was held up de icing in Toronto .. but hay.. first time actually out of the airport here .   We even have a guard posted at our door .  I was telling a friend .. If I tell myself he is there to keep others out I feel special rather then dirty   

Well in another 1/2 hour we continue our journey .. and word in, our team from MN is already on route, and may even make it in to KG a little later this afternoon ( KG time ) thats still your tomorrow , but still a day early .

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