Monday, December 30, 2013

trying to catch up .

Trying desperately to catch up .. it has been so busy . 
We have 27 parties in ten days .. 
Acels family is joining us for Christmas .. Davina is a great translator for us 

We found the coffee 

singing for the kids from the villages

Day Spring girls entertaining 

packing bags for families in need 

helping the poor donkey .. he was not getting the traction he needed 

bags packed ready to go 

new blankets and gifts for the kids from Beikut 

Getting ready for a pie in the face 

Talant gets a pie

Red River concert 

Aigula gets her pie 

Sabira gets a pie 

happy girl
Red river celebration 

gifts to us from the Bacute orphanage 

Christmas dinner at our apartment 

Victor love his new blanket

in fact all the kids loved their new blankets 

ok I forget where this was hahahaha

eat or not to eat 

Christmas at the seniors home 

a few extra groceries for the holidays 

Tony has been such a blessing

great to see all our older girls before the go back to the city 

they loved the present opening game .. Shannin had wriped it so tight , and the kids having to where mits did not help hahaha

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