Sunday, December 22, 2013

Second Try

This morning we braved the icy roads and went to Church in Millbrook .  They have been collecting vitamins for us to bring to the kids in Kyrgyzstan .   
This one group alone has managed to collect enough vitamins to supply an orphanage like Red river with 100 kids for the entire winter 

As I was sharing during the service, I always have a hard time holding it together during a service when sharing about the kids, especially when I look around and there are tears every where I look   This morning the the vitamins where on the front row.. I looked down, and did not see the huge pile of vitamins, I saw all the kids that they represent .. it was as if they were all in the service with us .

A big shout out to all those who have donated vitamins as well as funds to get vitamins shipped .. truly a blessing to the children of Kyrgyzstan.... and this is the point in the post that I accidentally touched something and deleted the entire post .. causing me to have to re do the whole thing...  

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