Saturday, October 05, 2013

Oprhan fishing durby ...

This post I am going to put a lot of photos.  when you take 120 kids from 2 different orphanages to the mountains fishing and a shore lunch , then a little swim in the hot springs ... how do you possibly limit it to a couple photos  .. It was such an awesome couple days.  they were in 4 different groups , and with such a big team, the kids got one on one attention for each event ..   I am going to share one story , and the rest you can make up your own . 
in 2008, we found this young boy in the dump.  We have worked with him since then.  He was a farrel child , and for the first two years , I could not even look at him and he would freak out , then a couple years ago , he would see me and smile and wave .. last fall he stood beside me, looked away, and reached out and held my hand .. this spring he ran and gave me a hug, but instantly coiled away when he realized what he just did.. Today all that was over ..It was such a break through.   


look close .. the team is in the mountains .. can you see them

crafts with Emma while lunch is being cooked

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