Monday, October 14, 2013

No Rest

What was meant to be a few days off has been anything but.  We have had lots of laundry to do and a lot of rearranging in the apartment to change it up from being ready for a big team to a small team .  To add to the drama , we have a new neighbor upstairs, and I think the hole toilet thing is a new one for her as evident by trying to flushing a pampers and then leaving ... needless to say, that started a 24 hour rain storm in our bathroom, so much so that it sparked an electrical fire when the thermostat got drenched .   Lots of people coming and going , banging and carrying on ..  to add to it, we are trying to get Emma registered as a student here , she had her first day of classes today Kyrgyz language grammar taught in Russian ... maybe tomorrow will be a day of rest !

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Karen D said...

I was wondering why the blog was so quiet! Wow - crazy. Prayers from here for some tranquility so you can get recharged yourselves!