Thursday, October 03, 2013

Day 2

Today was an incredible day. Today we divided the team in to small groups each group got to spend the day with one of our key people here in Kyrgyzstan. What a great opportunity it was for them to see that work here first hand.   Already we are hearing some stories of laughing too they cry and so much more I can't wait until tomorrow when each group will have an opportunity to share their experiences which the rest of the team. Not to mention taking 50 children fishing and to the hot springs. We finished the day with a roast beef dinner and a birthday party for that children from one of the orphanages we support.  In Kyrgyzstan meat is meat is meat..... It's all the same price soooo our Children enjoyed a beautiful beef tenderloin, I can only imagine how good it must have tasted, because I didn't get any.

earlier in the daywe were able to give out beautiful awesome winter boots that the team brought with them.    in this photo are some of the children from Jeremiah has picking out there new boots

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